Happy Birthday Bumbe!

4 Apr

This past weekend was Bumbe’s 6th birthday. It was low key event in comparison to previous kitty birthday parties. This year consisted only of the annual cone hat and wet food for our birthday boy. He seems contempt that there was NO dressing up, NO fire on his food, and NO waiting/pictures taking preventing him from eating. Currently, I have an obsession with pigs after going to my local farmer’s market celebration of pig day. (You can read about it in my personal blog: sweet ipomoea) That’s why I decided to make a pink pig birthday hat for my sweet piggy cat:)

As a recap, here is Bumbe from age 1-5:

Here he is at 6 years of age!

Yun Yun, his party guest bringing him a gift:)

Bumbe Flushes

23 Feb

Bumbe the Cat by Betty Lee

Whenever I tell people that my cats know how to use the toilet, they usually follow up, “Does he flush too?” Well… he DID flush the toilet this one time. I walked into the bathroom one day and Bumbe was already there. He looked like he wanted to sit on top of the toilet tank. So he jumped up to get there. Maybe he gained too much weight or miscalculated the distance, somehow Bumbe missed his target. Through his scrabbling to regain his balance, I witnessed his foot pressing down the handle and flushing the toilet. Yes, Bumbe can flush the toilet! Only that one time. It is best that Bumbe doesn’t know his full toilet usage potential because he really loves watching the water when the it flushes away.

There have been a few occasions when I had to wait in line for the toilet in my own home.

Happy Valentine’s Day

13 Feb

Enjoy some sweet pictures of Bumbe and Yun Yun:)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

To update on my great gap of absence the last few months: Yip and I have started a wedding business doing photography and videography. This is our continue pursuit to add creativity into our life and work. We have put a lot of time into learning and improving our techniques and skills. Of course, the kitties have been so kind to let us practice filming and photography on them:)  Please check out our website: http://ipomoeafilms.com/

Thank you!

Yun Yun the Chore Master

2 Feb

Bumbe the Cat by Betty Lee

Lunar New Year is coming soon. But before the celebration, we must clean the house. Yun Yun likes to be part of every activity. She is great at supervising in the kitchen. Although she is not the most helpful with sweeping the floors (licking dust every inch of the way), Yun Yun always remember to let us know it’s time to take out the trash.

Happy New Year!

Greetings from Yun Yun

21 Nov

Bumbe the Cat by Betty Lee

When guests arrive, Yun Yun loves to come say hello. She licks you, looks up and stiffs you, and may even follow you to the bathroom. Yun Yun is very friendly, but most likely she wants to keep tabs on everything/everyone new in her home. Bumbe is very timid and will hide from strangers. We always have to bring him out to say hello and he will give out a soft resistant meow. Some words my guests use to describe him: cute, big eyes, and of course fat:) Cats are great for entertaining.

Hope your guests will enjoy the company of your family and pets this week. For those who are traveling, have a fun time. Happy Thanksgiving!


The holidays are coming

3 Nov

The holidays are creeping up and due to procrastination I almost didn’t celebrate Halloween last weekend. What no costumes for the kitties?! Well, due to the awesome Halloween spirit at work, I got inspired and whipped up these last minute costumes for my cats. Pumpkin hats!

My friend Kendall gave me this card last year. This is where the idea came from.

Halloween came and went so quickly. Christmas decorations are already up in stores. So unlike Halloween,  I decided to start early and got a Christmas present for the kitties. Happy Holidays!

Cat and Computer

10 Oct

Bumbe the Cat by Betty Lee

This is what happened one time when I left my computer unattended. Somehow Bumbe turned on the voice over on my Mac and pried out the semi-colon key. What is he trying to say to me?


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